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Welcome to 4F!

We have 18 SUPER Year 4s in our class and our teacher is Miss Foers, assisted fantastically by Mrs. Phillips. This page will keep you up-to-date with all the exciting things we get up to in our class - there will be photographs, work and important news, so keep checking our page to stay connected with our learning!


In Term 6 we are looking at...


We will be asking the question: Can We Ramble Around Spain?


Because it is food week this week, we were able to try different types of cheese such as: stilton, cote hill and Lincolnshire Poacher. We also tried some herbs. We made our own pizzas and cooked them in the school kitchen. The tasted delicious!


Friday 9th June: Our Superstar of the Week this week has been awarded to...

Aimee Lister for being an excellent behaviour role model.  Well done, Aimee!



Our Headteacher's Stickers were awarded to:

Tia-Louise Bunn and Theo Leesing


for 'a great start to the term





Our church school value this term is truthfulness.

The bible story of the term is...

The armour of God' - Ephesians 6 v11-17


Please share this story with your child. 







Year 4 End of year Expectations


Take a Look at how much fun we all had on Sport Activity Day (26th May 2017)

We started our day learning how to play cricket with Mr Edge...

Next, we spent some time tackling an RAF obstacle course...

We even did some welly-wanging...!

After that, we we fortunate enough to be taught some martial arts skills such as: safety roles, blocking attacks and floor holds...

After lunch, we watched an outstanding football freestyler and he taught us some of his moves!...

Finally, we had a go at free running/Parkour...



In Term 5 we are looking at...

We will be asking the question: Can we waLk like an Egyptian?


This week we learned about about what happened to Egyptians after death!

What do you think of our mummification skills?


In Term 4 we looked at...


We were fortunate enough to have a visit from Mr. and Mrs. Boon from Bioactive Herps in Coningsby. We were abLe to take a close up look at animals that live in the rainforest and learn all about them! 



We have been asking the question: Are we welcome in the jungle? 

We will be particularly focussing on where rainforests are located in the world, the layers that make up a rainforest, the endangered animals that live there and we will be comparing our own lives to that of a tribe member. 


In English, the text of the term is...


In maths we have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes. We went down to the mystical garden and tried to build some 3D shapes from natural materials that we found. Some of the shapes we made were too big and so we didn't manage to finish them. However, we did count each shape's faces, edges and vertices!


We also went on an angle hunt around the playground. We recorded the acute, right, obtuse, straight and reflex angles that we found. It was a lot of fun!


For RED NOSE DAY this year we created a Penny Lane out of all of the 1p and 2p coins that our classmates brought into school to donate to charity. We raced other classes to see who could make a trail of penny from their classrooms and reach the hall first. 


On Thursday, we visited Lincolnshire Wildlife Park to learn more about rainforest animals. Take a look at what we got up to: 

We created feeding toys for the coatimundis and watched which toy they liked the best. We were even able to hold some of the birds!


In science this week, we have been investigating the preferred foods of snails. We created choice chambers and we are currently observing to find out whether snails prefer cucumber, carrots, potato or lettuce. 


In Term 3, we looked at The Caribbean and 'What are trades of hope?' 

Friday 3rd February was our enterprise day. We sewed Caribbean bags in our art lessons to sell at the enterprise fair and raise money. We had so much fun and even made a profit! (Our Caribbean bags - modelled by Aimee!) 


In Term 2, we looked at...


We have been asking the question: Would we survive without water?


Our igloo is finished and looking great! A big thank you from Year 4 for all the milk bottles that have kindly been donated! We love spending time in our igloo - it's a great place to read too!


Recently, Year 4 visited The Deep to learn more about water and the animals that live in it! We enjoyed exploring the aquarium and learning about the different types of animals that live in water. In the afternoon, we learnt about erosion, tides and and how rivers are used/managed. We did this through our workshop 'A Tale of Two Rivers' where we focussed on the River Hull and the River Humber. Take a look at what we got up to...


In Term 1, we looked at...

We were fortunate enough to have a Roman visitor, named Negrinus, into school and experience a Roman day! Negrinus showed us some of his Roman possessions and armour and taught us about different aspects of Roman Life.

Later, he helped us to learn how to attack and defend like a soldier in the Roman army. We used the Roman shields that we have worked on in art and Negrinus taught us how to assemble our army in the Romans' famous tortoise formation on the playground. 


Finally, we tried some typical Roman food such as: olives, bread, black/green grapes, figs and dates. 







We looked at the myth Romulus and Remus (which Romans believed was how Rome began). 

You can watch the full story here: 


In our topic lesson, we explored the story further by acting out different parts of the story in our outdoor classroom, in The Mystical Garden! Take a look at our freeze frames...

Last week in English we looked at how to write instructions. Something we noticed was that good instructions are specific. We played a game where we had to help our partner to draw the same picture as us by giving them specific instructions. How do you think we did?


After we spent the week looking at features of instructions, on Friday Miss Foers (with the helpful hands of Evie!) made a Roman Road using biscuits, chocolate and cream! Then we wrote our own set of instructions on how to make an edible Roman road. 

This also helped is expand our knowledge of the Romans and their famous road. Each layer of food represented the different layers of materials used by the Romans: the soil camber, gravel/larger rocks, cement, paving stones. 






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