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Welcome to 4F!


Our class and our teacher is Miss Foers. 

There are 25 amazing children in our class all ready to do some fantastic learning.

We are fantastically supported by our teaching assistant, Mrs Pigott. 


This page will keep you up-to-date with all the exciting things we get up to in our class - there will be photographs, work and important news, so keep checking our page to stay connected with our learning.

Welcome to Term 6!


This term our Church School Value is Truthfulness.


Our Bible story of the term is 'Zacchaeus the Tax Collector'.

You can watch a version of it here.


Our topic work is all about Spain and we will be looking at the book Ferdinand.



our Term 6 newsletter!

We were VERY lucky to have Senor Amador come to visit us again. This time he made some amazing smelling and delicious tasting paella!

There was also octopus to try! Some of us were very brave and tried it to see what it tasted like. Most of us loved the churros!

We were very lucky to have Senor Amador come to visit us.  He came to tell 4G and 4F all about the bull run and bull fighting in Spain.  It was really interesting to hear all about it and we hope that Senor Amador can come to see us again!

We had a very exciting start to Term 6 with Swedish Week!

As part of Swedish Week we skyped,( with 4G) Sophia in Sweden to ask her all about life there. it helped us with our research and we learnt lots.

With 4G we learned some Swedish and then played bingo.

This is the song we sang to help us learn some colours.

Welcome to Term 5!


This term our topic is 'Can you walk like an Egyptian?'

Our Church School Value is ...

The Bible story of the term is - The Lost Son.

You can watch a version of it here.

We had a planetarium visit school!  It was really interesting to learn so much about the stars and space.

Green Week was lots of fun!

We carried out several activities to celebrate Pentecost, including visiting the Mystical Garden to hear the story.

Calculating perimeters in the Mystical Garden

Speed mummification!

Speed mummification! 1
Speed mummification! 2
Speed mummification! 3
Speed mummification! 4

We have been looking at instructions this week. Can you make effective instructions to make jam on toast?

As part of our Science work we have opened a snail restaurant!  Which food do you think will be their favourite?

Don't miss the Term 5 newsletter!

Welcome to term 4!


Our topic this term is. 'Are We Welcome in the Jungle?'


This term our Church School Value is ...



and our Bible is 'The Lord's Supper' - Mark 14:22-26. 


As part of our science topic we went on a habitat hunt around school.

We had a great time raising money for Sports Relief and enjoying sporting activities.

On world Book Day we dressed as our favourite book characters.

On world Book Day we dressed as our favourite book characters. 1
On world Book Day we dressed as our favourite book characters. 2
On world Book Day we dressed as our favourite book characters. 3

how many angles do you think we found in the playground?

We had some very interesting visitors to our class!

Scrumptious cooking! The smell was amazing!

We worked really hard for our enterprise fair. Our class raised an amazing £170.33!

Welcome to Term 3!


This term our topic is ' What are Trades of Hope?'



Our Church School Value for the term is


This term our Bible story is - 

The death of Lazarus - John 11: 1-44.

You can watch it here!

In term 2, we are learning about...

Down in the Mystical Garden we built dens and imagined how it would feel to be Ivan from our class text, The Ice Palace.

Super Skipping!

Science Investigation

Science Investigation 1
Science Investigation 2
Science Investigation 3
Science Investigation 4



Today, in English, We went down to the Mystical Garden to act out scenes from our Text of the Term - Ice Palace. We also performed the role plays and created freeze frames. 

During our class assembly this week, we thought about targets that we could use our perseverance to work on. We each chose one target to try and achieve by Christmas and wrote them onto baubles. We then decorated them and hung them on the tree of our Ice Palace. 

In English, we thought about advise we would give our main character, Ivan. What reasons could we think of for persuading him to either go into the dangerous forest to rescue his little brother OR what reasons are there to persuade him to stay safe at home? We created a 'conscious corridor' and Zak played Ivan while we persuaded him to stay or leave. 

Over the holidays, our reading area was transformed so we can chill out with a good book! Our text that we are focussing on this term is Ice Palace. 



This term our Church School Value is Perseverance.


The Bible story of the term is ‘Healing the paralysed man.’

You can watch it here.

Don't miss our Term 2 newsletter!

In term 1 we learnt about...



02.10.17 - Roman Day! Today we had a Roman soldier called Nigrinus come to visit us. In the morning he showed us different Roman artefacts and we learnt what they were used for. We even got to try on some Roman uniform. Next we made laurel wreath headbands to complete our amazing fancy dress. Later, we were able to put the Roman shield, designed and made during our art lessons this term, to use when Nigrinus taught us some Roman battle cries, formations, attacking methods and how to march. We were allowed to attack the teachers..and then they got their own back! Later on in the day we tried some different Roman foods: olives, grapes, dates, bread and figs. We liked some more than others! 

29.09.17 - St. Michael's Day! 4F had a fabulous St. Michael's day on Friday, full of fun and food! First, we learnt about archangel St. Michael. We then coloured images of St. Michael and took turns to add our contribution to our class mural of St. Michael. Finally, we shared out the food, brought in by our classmates and had a delicious feast!



20.09.17 - In science, we have been learning about teeth and the human digestive system. We have started an experiment to analyse the effect that different liquids have on our teeth. We are using eggshell to represent the teeth and are testing the affect of water, orange juice, milk, cola and vinegar over the course of one week. Watch this space to find out our results!


27.09.17 - The children were able to see the results of their long-awaited teeth experiment today. They were able to compare the predictions they wrote down last week with the results and consider whether it was a fair test. From left to right/top to bottom: water, milk, orange, cola and vinegar. As you can see, the different liquids had VERY different effects on the eggs. From this we learnt that milk and water are the best drinks to drink to look after our teeth, cola stains our teeth, the high sugar content in orange means that it weakens our enamel and vinegar should only be eaten/drank in moderation as it dissolved the eggshell/enamel all together!


22.09.17 - To extend our learning of The Romans and instructional writing, we have made an edible Roman road. The Romans were famous for their long, straight flat roads and the first Roman major road in the UK lead to Lincoln! Roman roads have many layers; we used digestive biscuits and vegetable oil to make the rubble, chocolate yogurt and chocolate chunks to make the gravel, squirty cream to make the cement and rectangular biscuits to make the paving stones. As we made it we practiced writing our instructions and thought carefully about which adverbs we should include. It was yummy!



21.09.17 - HAPPY ONESIE DAY! 

This week we came to school in our cosy onesies and pyjamas (even Miss Foers!) to raise money for a children's sleep charity! Keep an eye out for how much we managed to raise in the school's weekly newsletter! 


21.09.17 - This week in English, we have been looking at how to write instructions. Today we practiced our spoken instructions by working with our partner to communicate our images. We realised that unless we included very specific details about the size, position and direction of each part, our partner could not accurately copy our image. We practiced including time conjunctions and bossy verbs too. 


11.09.17 - This week we took part in Joe Wick's (The Body Coach) Schools Fitness Week to raise awareness about children regularly exercising. We exercised every morning for 30 minutes. We worked our hardest for 30 seconds and then rested for 30 seconds. We really enjoyed our work outs and felt more alert for the day. We even got a shout out on the live video out of the thousands of schools that took part! GO CSM!!



To hear our shout out from The Body Coach follow this link and watch the video at 27 minutes. 

In R.E. this week, Mrs. Hutchinson talked to Year 4 about her experience of Christenings and Baptisms. We looked at the differences between Christenings and Baptisms and looked at some photographs of them. Mrs. Hutchinson told us about her own Baptism when she was an adult and we looked at different types of water used to baptise. Finally, she showed us a small Christening font that she had brought from her own church.

This term our Bible story is ‘Jesus commandment to his friends’ (John 15. v12-17).

The Superstar of the Week is...


Lewis Foggett - for always pushing himself to achieve high standards. 


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