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Welcome to the 3P class page!


Our class teacher is Miss Pratt. Miss Grayson and Miss Sykes are also there to help us with our work.

This term our PE lessons will be on Wednesday and Thursday. Please ensure your child brings their PE kit to school on a Monday and leaves it in school until Friday. 

We will be using the mystical garden as much as possible for our learning so please bring wellies and raincoats to school.

Please also check this page regularly as we will update it with information and all of the exciting learning we have done.



This term our topic is the Stone Age. 


This term our learning question is 'Who first lived in Britain?' We will be learning about the Stone Age and how the Stone Age people lived. We will be finding out about their homes, food and lifestyles. We will also be having a go at building our own dens, designing our own cave paintings and trying to find food as hunter-gatherers. 


This term in English we will be looking at the book 'Stone Age Boy' by Satoshi Kitamura. We will be writing our own character descriptions, letters to Om and even our own version of the story. 


In science our learning question is 'How can a sabre tooth cat move so quickly?'

We will be learning about the human skeleton, muscles and a healthy lifestyle. We will also be comparing human skeletons and bodies to the skeletons of animals. 


In art and design we will be creating our own cave paintings and pictures of Stone Henge. We will then be working in groups to design and make our own model Stone Age houses. 





Our church school value this term is...


This term our Bible story is ‘Jesus commandment to his friends’ (John 15. v12-17)


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