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There are 24 superstars in Class 2MH.

Our teacher is Mr. Haggis

We also have Mrs Walker, Mrs Wasley and Miss Sykes 





Our superstar this week is...


Max is a fantastic member of the class that goes about his work to the best of his ability. He has been trying really hard, taking his time to make sure he gets the best possible results. He has worked extremely well in Maths, naming properties of shapes. 


Today is St Michael's Day. We celebrated by acting out the scene were St Michael fought Lucifer and sent him away from Heaven. We had a big feast of cake and biscuits too.

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St Michael's Feast

St Michael's Feast 1
St Michael's Feast 2
St Michael's Feast 3


  In English we have been learning about instructions. We understand why we need instructions and why they are important. We followed some instructions to make our own paper planes. We then tested them out. 



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The day we all wore our Onesies

The day we all wore our Onesies 1

Year 2 End of Year Expectations