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Class 2H

Welcome to the page for Class 2H


In Class 2H  we have 24 AMAZING children and our teacher is Miss Holden. We are very lucky to have Mrs Walker, Mrs Wasley and Miss Sykes to help and support us with our learning!

This page will keep you up-to-date with all the exciting things we get up to in our class, so please keep visiting it regularly!


Year 2 End of year Expectations

In English we are looking at....


Lila and the Secret of Rain


This term the children will do a lot of predicting of the story, thinking about where Lila may live and why she climbs a mountain. The children will have to find clues about the story by going inside a mud hut and make their predictions as to why this items might be in the story. The children will use descriptive language to describe what we can see. We will order the story and explore how characters feeling. we will write questions, sort facts and write a non-chronological report about Kenya.



Our topic this term is...


What is it like to live in Africa?




In our topic this term we will be looking at where Africa is int he world and how it is different to where we live now. we will look at the climate in Africa and the animals that live there. We will look at a typical day in Africa would be like and look at what they would be doing if they were in Africa. We will also be deciding if we would prefer to live in Africa or England and give our reasons why.


On Friday 9th February we will be hosting a a Fair-trade fortnight event in school.
Year 2 will be making Pasta necklaces as well as Animal face masks to raise money to put towards our fair-trade fortnight.
Please come along and have a look at what all the classes have produced!


Our church school value this term is....


We will be looking at key questions around perserevence this term in our collective worship time in a morning.
We will think about;

  • What does compassion mean to you?
  • What can we do to show compassion in our school?
  • What can we do to show compassion to the world?




Our bible story of the term is The death of Lazarus - John 11: 1-44

Watch the story here!


Why do you think Jesus did what he did in the story of The death of Lazarus?


European Languages Day


In KS1 we looked at the french language. We started by looking at some basic classroom phrases and then moved on to finding out some facts about France.
We then used these facts to write on our own French flags and waved these whilst singing a french nursery rhyme Frere Jacques.




 Use the link to continue to keep practicing the song.