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Welcome to the page for Class 2H


In Class 2H  we have 23 AMAZING children and our teacher is Miss Holden. We are also very lucky to have Miss Grayson, Mrs Walker and Miss Money who help us with our work. This page will keep you up-to-date with all the exciting things we get up to in our class, so please keep visiting it regularly!




In term 6 

What's part of your world?



Our topic and English work will be very linked this term as we will be looking at the film The Little Mermaid. In topic the children will explore continents and oceans as well as exploring which ocean they think Ariel may come from and why. We will then map out what we think Atlantica may look like and use this as a base for giving directions. We will then finish the topic by investigating about mermaids. Where did it all begin?
In English we will use the film to form our visual literacy this term. We will watch the trailer to the film and try and predict what happens during the film as well as exploring the different characters. We will then go onto to creating our own evil character and begin to write our own version of The little mermaid to include our very own characters. To finish the term we will look at creating a fact file on mermaids and write our diary entries as one of the characters from the film.


In maths this term we are looking at measurement, including length, weight and capacity these will be very practical activities where the children will get chance to make their own dough for pizza's as well as creating their friend ship potions.


In science our learning question is.... Who eats what?
We will be basing our science around Finding nemo, looking at food chains in the animal kingdom. We will then be doing our healthy food week where the children are given the opportunity to explore different cheeses using these senses to decide what cheese to use as their pizza toppings.




In Art this term we will be creating lots of interesting pieces of work such as our own mermaid tails, creating disco fish using cd's as well as creating our own food chain. So watch this space for the pictures!



Our church school value this term is Truthfulness.


This term we will be looking at what truthfulness is, why it is important and how to show it. We will be looking at the bible story The armour of God -Ephasian 6:11-17.
Please watch the link with your children to learn more about the Armour of God









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