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Welcome to the page for Class 2H


In Class 2H  we have 24 AMAZING children and our teacher is Miss Holden. We are also very lucky to have Miss Grayson, Mrs Walker and Miss Money who help us with our work. This page will keep you up-to-date with all the exciting things we get up to in our class, so please keep visiting it regularly!




In term 5 

Will you go to the Ugly Bug Ball?



Our topic and science are very linked together this term. We will be exploring the concept of living, dead or never alive things and also looking at habitats and microhabitats. We will doing field work on the school field and exploring how these habitats are suited for the animals and how they are destroyed.


In English we will continue to explore through our writing making details descriptions of some of the habitats explored through our text of the term One Night Not Far from Here. We will also explore how we can present information about animals and write a set of instructions to make a bird feeder for a woodland habitat.


In art and Design we will explore mixing colours and working with clay to make models.


Keep coming back to our page to see updated photos of our topic and science work!





Our church school value this term is Forgiveness.


This term we will be looking at what forgiveness is, why it is important and how to show it. We will also be learning the Lord's Prayer








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Year 2 End of year Expectations