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Class 2G

Welcome to Term 6 


There are 24 superstars in Class 2G.

Our teacher is Mrs Gallivan

We also have Mrs Walker, Mrs Wasley and Miss Sykes to help us with our learning.  


Our superstar this week is...


Tamsin is an excellent role model. She is thoughtful, considerate and shows high levels of empathy and understanding. Tamsin is respectful and kind and 2G are very lucky to have her in our class!    


Snow Day 27.2.18

Snow Day 27.2.18 1

Maths challenge

Maths challenge 1
We made sea creatures using a limited number of lollypop sticks. Mrs Gallivan challenged us to use fewer sticks and we still managed to create the shapes. 

In English we are looking at....


The Little Mermaid 



This term we will be looking at the Hans Christian Andersen story- The Little Mermaid. We will explore the characters and learn what happens to them in their magical, underwater world. 

Coningsby mathematicians!


We explored temperature- learned the appropriate vocabulary, compared temperatures and used a thermometer to measure by reading a scale. Great team work and excellent use of number knowledge to read the scale accurately. 




This term's topic question:


What's part of your world?



We will learn about the five oceans of the world and consider where Ariel might prefer to live- the warmest ocean or the largest ocean? We will write an explanation to describe the different between an ocean and a pond. Later we will research mermaids and write a fact file. 


This video helps us to learn about the world's oceans...



Our church school value this term is Truthfulness

We will be looking at key questions around truthfulness in our collective worship time.


Our Bible story of the term is 'Zacchaeus the Tax Collector'.

You can watch a version of it here.



Year 2 End of Year Expectations

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