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Class 2G

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There are 24 superstars in Class 2G.

Our teacher is Mrs Gallivan

We also have Mrs Walker, Mrs Wasley and Miss Sykes to help us with our learning.  





Our superstar this week is...


Dylan is a very compassionate member of our class. He looks after his friends and celebrates their successes. He is also there to offer a shoulder to cry on when someone is upset.   


Snow Day 27.2.18

Snow Day 27.2.18 1

In English we are looking at....


Zeraffa Giraffa


This term we will use clues from the text and from illustrations to predict events in the story.  We will research information about giraffes and use this information to write a non chronological report with a heading, subheadings and a 'Did you know?' fact. We will look at how Zeraffa has been captured and how she must be feeling. Letters from the hunters will request that we consider the different ways a giraffe can be captured. We will write our own set of instructions on how to do so, which will lead onto a debate about capturing in the wild. We will also look at newspaper writing as to how the people of the town would react to a giraffe walking through the town. We will then end the term by looking at poetry and create a shape poem about giraffes and perform it. This will provide many opportunities to write in lots of different ways. 




This term's topic question:


Planes, trains or automobiles?

In our topic work this term we will be learning about where Coningsby is on the map and discussing countries within the UK and wider world. We will explore how we could travel to different continents, which method of transport would be quickest or slowest and discuss old and new transport. We will compare what it is like now to how it used to be. We will also think about the different vehicles we see everyday and create a class tally chart with types of transport, whilst predicting what we will see the most of.











Our church school value this term is Thankfulness.

will be looking at key questions around thankfulness this term in our collective worship time in a morning.
We will think about;

  • What are we thankful for?
  • Why did Jesus give thanks?
  • How can I show that I am thankful?
  • What opportunities are we thankful for?   



Our bible story of the term is The Lord's supper Mark 14 v 22-26


Year 2 End of Year Expectations