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Class 1B

Welcome to Class 1B!

Our teacher is Miss Bennett. We have 25 brilliant children in our class. We are very lucky to have Mrs Gates and Mrs Butler too. 


Please keep popping back to this page to see all of the exciting things we have been doing, including our brilliant work, photo's and information. 



Miss Bennett

Miss Bennett 1

Mrs Gates

Mrs Gates 1

Term 6


Our Learning Question this term is:

How high can you fly a kite?


 In English, we will be focussing on the film Mary Poppins and looking at the different characters and events in the story. We are also working on our use of punctuation ready for year 2. 


In Topic we are looking at eating healthily and using our senses to explore ingredients in pizza. We are also exploring the compass points and exploring the school grounds following directions. 


In Science, we will be exploring materials and their properties. We will be deciding which materials will be best suited to make a kite. We will do some experiments to help us find this out. We will also be looking at the changes in the season from Spring to Summer. 


In Art and DT this term, are designing and making a kite that we will hopefully be able to fly in the school grounds. We will investigate and find out who’s kite flies the highest. 

Our church school value for this term is Truthfulness. Our Bible story of the term is 'The Armour of God'. We will also be exploring what things Christians do to show they belong to the Christian community. 

Term 6 Curriculum Newsletter

Sport Activity Day

Sport Activity Day 1
Sport Activity Day 2
Sport Activity Day 3
Sport Activity Day 4
Sport Activity Day 5
Sport Activity Day 6
Sport Activity Day 7
Sport Activity Day 8
Sport Activity Day 9
Sport Activity Day 10
Sport Activity Day 11
Sport Activity Day 12

Term 5


Our Learning Question this term is:

What would the Queen like for her birthday?


 In English, we will be focussing on the book ‘The Queen’s Orang-utan’ by David Walliams. Writing letters to the queen, predicting the story and planning her birthday party!


In History we will be learning all about the Queen. We’re going to look at Queen’s from the past and comparing their lives to that of our Queen. We will find out about where she lives and how she celebrates her birthday.


In Science, we will be growing beans and recording what happens as they grow. We are going to be finding out what each part of a plants job is. We will also be watching the tadpoles to see how they grow and change and look at their lifecycle.

Picture 1

Our Church School Value this term is Forgiveness. We will begin our learning with the Bible story of the term - 'The Lords Prayer' Matthew 6: 9-13.

Our play dough sculptures!

Our play dough sculptures! 1
Our play dough sculptures! 2
Our play dough sculptures! 3
Our play dough sculptures! 4
Our play dough sculptures! 5
Our play dough sculptures! 6
Our play dough sculptures! 7
Our play dough sculptures! 8
Our play dough sculptures! 9
Our play dough sculptures! 10
Our play dough sculptures! 11
Our play dough sculptures! 12
Our play dough sculptures! 13
Our play dough sculptures! 14

Term 4

Our learning question is:

Why can't a Meerkat live at the North Pole? 


In English, we will be focussing on the book ‘Meerkat Mail’ by Emily Gravett. We will be writing postcards, diary entries, fact finding about meerkats and writing an alternative story. 


In Science, we will start our learning by finding out about mammals. Then we are going to investigate birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish. We’re also going to explore the learning question ‘Are all animal’s carnivores?’ We will find out about omnivores and herbivores too. 


In Geography we will be learning all about the weather and how it can affect us. We will even be performing our own weather forecast. We will also look at hot and cold countries and which animals live in these hot and cold places. 


Picture 1

World Book Day!

World Book Day! 1

Weaving - 6.1.17

Weaving - 6.1.17 1
Weaving - 6.1.17 2
Weaving - 6.1.17 3
Weaving - 6.1.17 4
Weaving - 6.1.17 5
Weaving - 6.1.17 6
Weaving - 6.1.17 7

A story round the fire in the Mystical Garden!

Our Superstar this week is: 





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Our School Council Representative is:

Our School Council Representative is:  1

Our Collective Worship Council representative is: Josh Wilcock

Our Eco-Council representative is:

Our Eco-Council representative is: 1
Keep up the brilliant attendance year 1, as it will mean more visits from little Hoglet!

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